Working my way up….slowly

I have worked for the majority of my life. Since I was 18 I had held a full-time job here and there, but I never was unemployed. There was a point where I was working a full-time job, a part-time job, and going to night-school all at the same time for almost two years. That is when I received my AA degree in paralegal sciences. All this struggle was made in an attempt to better my life and build a future career for myself. In this attempt I had to pick up another job in order to be able to pay my student loans since I did not qualify for financial aid at the time. I didn’t qualify at the time for being under 24 years of age, therefore my parents income had to be submitted even though I was financially independent. The whole reason for this back story is so that you are aware that even if you have everything planned out to a “t” life just doesn’t work that way.

After receiving my degree I decided to take a break from school since I had felt overworked and I wanted to raise some money for any future affairs. I decided to quit my full-time job and worked in the field of my degree, since that was the main reason I had worked so hard to obtain. Although I was working the job I had worked so hard to achieve I was not getting paid enough to cover my living expenses. Thankfully, my fiancé of 4 years had helped me throughout that struggle. Because of the circumstances, I had to take on a waitressing job on top of the my legal profession to cover the bills. I can say that during this time of financial hardship I wasn’t depressed, but I was not happy.  I had planned to only work for a couple of months then go back to school, but that didn’t work out the way I wanted it to.

I’m so grateful for my best friend (whose name will remain anonymous for privacy) who saw that I was struggling and encouraged me to join her company. The company she worked for, which she no longer works for and has moved on to bigger things for her life and career, offered me the opportunity to work in property management. At the time I was very excited since I dealt with leasing contracts, which is something we touched on in my pre-law schooling. I worked for that company for a year and then worked for a larger property management company located in Valencia, CA. I can say that I really enjoyed working for both companies and they really provided me with the tools and skills to move on to my dream. During the transition to the second property management job I found out I was pregnant and was concerned on whether I would be pre-judged at my second workplace. Thankfully, they had no problem and treated me like I was part of the team. I really do miss working there and socializing with the residents on site, but after I had my daughter, I realized that I had really moved away from my dream of becoming an attorney.

I can honestly say that my daughter gave me the courage to pursue my dream again. She motivated and inspired me again to go back to school and finish what I had started. I am not sure why I had geared away from my dream, but I am glad that I finally did go back. I quit my job and went to school full-time. Having a child is difficult, but if it wasn’t for her I do not think I would have quit and gone back to school. I felt bad for quitting just after 8 months of giving birth, but I knew that job, no matter how much I enjoyed it, was not what I was meant to achieve during my life.

If you are struggling with a similar circumstance all I can say is go with your gut feeling. If you are not happy, then find what makes you happy and do that. Not only do I enjoy politics and law, but I love to write. And so I thought why not!? It is very therapeutic and helps improve my writing skills at the same time.

So to those who are reading, do not give up on your dream. Even when all feels lost, keep pushing and make sure that you never lose sight of what you love. That passion is what separates you from the rest. Go for it!

Organic vs Natural

Ever wondered the difference between the two terms “organic” and “natural?”  Although the two terms may seem to resemble the same meaning, it is quite the opposite. Watch my quick video to learn why Natural and Organic are two terms that have totally different meanings. Also, I include some tips that I use when buying both products.

Why Organic Cosmetics?


When it comes down to beauty products, do you take the time to read the label? I would assume the answer would be no. I, like many others, did not think about what is in my foundation, but rather how it made me look. The truth is many consumers watch makeup ads and are mesmerized by what the product accomplishes, without paying any attention what makes up the product. We must be aware that our skin is the largest organ on our body and is highly absorbent. So, how do these cosmetics give you the perfect look? What is in them that creates this photofinishing effect that so many desire? What if I told you that most cosmetic ingredients derive from carcinogens and animal products.

People do not realize what they are purchasing and dabbing onto their skin on a daily basis. These products are heavily marketed promising so much, but explain so little. Most cosmetics, high end or not, contain harsh chemicals that not only harm the skin, but studies have shown that these chemicals may cause certain cancers. Foundations, mostly, are full of low and high level carcinogens that damage your skin and are linked to skin cancer. Carcinogens are chemicals in products that are known to cause cancer. Ingredients such as parabens and formaldehyde, which are used to prevent the growth of bacteria to preserve the makeup, are used in a vast majority of cosmetics.  These preservatives are artificial and mimic the estrogen in your body, which has led to breast cancer and other major conditions. Although there are natural alternatives, these companies choose the artificial product over the natural preservative. It does not stop there, there is a total of 113 agents listed by The International Agency for Research on Cancer that are known human carcinogens and 11 are legally allowed to be in our personal care products including cosmetics.

If that wasn’t enough, in order for these cosmetics to give you a flawless look or to require a certain pigment animal products are introduced into your everyday makeup. These products are hidden behind their scientific terms (like many other ingredients are) such as hyaluronic acid, glycol distearate, and carminic acid. There are various more, however, these are the more commonly used ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is an anti-ageing ingredient made from rooster combs and has been used since the 1980s. Glycol distearate is a shimmery substance used to bring a glow to the face, such as cheek highlighting and eyeshadows, which are derived from fish scales. And carminic acid, or commonly known as carmine, is used in lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, and sometimes in foundations, which is extracted from grinded up bodies of the cochineal insect. These insects range from a greenish to a crimson red color. The female cochineals are usually a bright crimson color and are the ones used in foods, personal care products, and cosmetics.

How can you prevent getting products such as these when stores are filled with them? You can avoid this by simply reading the label and looking up the ingredients of the products you use. Now a days, there are a apps that can detect the ingredients in products; or simply by searching the ingredients online can give you reassurance. A more effective way to prevent your skin from absorbing these harmful chemicals is to find organic or natural products. Just as high-end makeup comes with high price tags, you can expect the same for natural or organic makeup. Natural cosmetics range from the higher end to drug store as well. However, just because the makeup claims to be ‘natural’ always make sure to read the label.

Organic makeup has been proven to heal the skin with the natural antioxidants, usually from blueberries, that kill free radicals and preserve the foundation simultaneously. For the reason that the ingredients are derived from nature is what makes the cosmetic safe to use. Imagine feeding and healing your skin while looking flawless at the same time. Worry less about the harm that your foundation is causing and start enjoying that you are nourishing your skin with great reliable products.

Why I Chose to be Vegetarian


Meat has always had a certain effect on me. Since I was younger the thought of chewing meat and knowing it used to be a living thing always made me cringe. Coming from a Mexican background my family always had meat on the menu for lunch and dinner; therefore, it was inevitable for me to eat anything other than meat. Yes, we had fruits and vegetables here and there, but the majority of our meals included meat one way or the other. We would have carne asada at least once a week, which I am not too fond of but would get picked on from family and friends if I mentioned it. My family are huge meat eaters, since that is how they were brought up, and in Mexico meat is considered a delicacy and a necessity for them. They consider it to be the best source of protein, which it’s not.

Growing up in a meat eating family wasn’t too much trouble. I was never forced to eat meat however, given the circumstance, I did not object to it either.  I remember wanting to go vegetarian when I was in 4th grade and I was able to hold off on meat for 4 days until I nearly starved myself only eating rice and beans and tortillas. I was only 8 what the heck did I know about diet and health? Funny, how I was always contemplating being vegetarian even as a child.

As the years went by I slowly started steering away from certain meats. First and foremost, I never liked pork nor did I like red meat. I hated the smell and taste of bacon, yes you heard I hate bacon! And the smell of pork cooking made my stomach turn. When my mom would make posole, which contained mahogany and pork feet (ugh), I would never eat the meat just pure mahogany and broth. There were times when I couldn’t even eat any of it because of the smell and taste the pork feet would give the broth. Just thinking about it now disgusts me more than back then. Pork was the first meat I was able to turn a cheek to during my teen years and I do not regret it!

As I reached my 20’s I would only eat chicken, fish, and on occasion red meat, which was not often.  I tried to stay away from red meat due to the health issues that were brought to light during that time in my life. Since some red meats are high in saturated fat, which causes high blood pressure, it can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and cancer. I preferred to eat lean meat with moderation since it sort of repulsed me as well. I hated biting into a chicken strip or chicken wing and feel a tendon or fat! Gross. Unfortunately, because of my finicky ways, I would refuse to eat the rest of the left over meal. It would literally gross me out so much that I could not continue to finish my meal after experiencing that horror.

Upon working with some co-workers and the will to lose weight I was convinced to go vegetarian. I was not overweight and neither was I unhealthy in my early 20’s, but I was making many changes during this time. I decided to go all natural in every way I could. I was just starting my natural journey and I thought to myself, why not go vegetarian as well? Better now than never. I didn’t just go vegetarian without the proper research either. I read many books from Eating Animals from Jonathan Safran Soyer to Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World from Bob Torres. These reads really opened my eyes to the consequences of eating meat the risk of health related issues. You can say that my main reason to eliminate meat from my diet was for health concerns and, in all honesty, my childhood diet didn’t help either. The fact that I ate meat nearly every single day is a health hazard in itself. I remember constantly having stomachaches and always being constipated (TMI).

Believe it or not, but studies have shown that eating red meat every day can cause health related issues in the future and I rather avoid that than take that risk. Although the affected rate for those who ate red meat that resulted in getting heart disease are low, does not take away the element that it is possible.

After completely eliminating red meat from my diet, I slowly began to reduce my consumption of chicken. The whole process took me about 1 ½ months to completely eliminate meat from my diet. And let me tell you the results were amazing and life changing.

Immediately after this I felt lighter and more awake. I would usually feel drowsy near noontime and I have completely eliminated that from my daily routine. Not only did this change my mood, but also affected my acne in a virtuous way. My breakouts were reduced to once a month rather than 4 times a month. I am assuming it was due to the hormonal imbalance the meat was causing internally since they are loaded with hormones and antibiotics. One of the side effects of completely eliminating meat was losing weight, which did not bother me one bit.

Now, I am not saying to eliminate meat out of your life completely. That was a personal decision I made to improve my overall health. My goal is to one day become fully raw. if you are contemplating going vegetarian, please educate yourself beforehand. Make sure you are aware of the foods you must eat to accommodate your lifestyle before you went vegetarian. We as humans require a proper nutrition to function and remain healthy and you can definitely acquire that with vegetables and healthy foods. I will link my sources below and hope that this insert has enlightened your choice into a more natural derived life style.


~Natural is the new Beauty~

*If you are interested in some good reads for becoming a vegetarian or simply to learn more about being a vegetarian take a look at this blogger:

*Why Eating Less Red Meat May Help Your Heart:

Pregnancy and then some…


Pregnancy literally changes your life and is an experience you cannot compare to anything else. Before I begin, take note that during my pregnancy I was in a very tough spot in my life. To start, I was under the impression that I was unable to conceive due to a year of multiple failed attempts.  Furthermore, I was in the process of switching jobs. I was fortunate enough to have found a better paying job that offered the same position with a higher salary and great benefits. During this time I was more focused on my career and that was basically my life, family and career.

After receiving news that I was in for the new job I did not hesitate to put in my notice of resignation to my former boss. Not knowing at that time that I had a little spark of life in me. Most people realize they are pregnant due to a certain symptom that cripples you to kneel at the sight of a toilet. I, however, was fortunate enough to be relieved of that cruel symptom. I felt odd and not myself. I would have to say if it were one symptom that got me ‘thinking’ it was the one that is the least raved about. My breast were tender and this usually happens during the ‘cycle’. (Sorry if this is tmi) Yes! This got me thinking that perhaps I’ve got something going on in me.

Fast forward to the last day on the job in my former job was the day I saw (+) on the test. I was about 2 weeks along and I quickly contacted my new employer and they were super excited for me. I was scared, happy, nervous, elated, many other emotions that a usual 22 year old pregnant woman should feel. Many questions ran through my mind at that time, can we support this baby? How will my partner handle this? Will I be a good mom? What is a good mom? Should I read parenting books? the list goes on…

I’m sure you ran the same questions, or at least related to these questions through your head. Through out these post I will reveal how pregnancy and motherhood has shaped me to the person, mother, parent, and partner I am today. Stay tuned next week for the Pregnancy and then some update…

“With each word there is honesty, with each sentence there is passion, and with each reading there is my truth.” – Jasmine Bravo

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed,

~Natural is the new Beauty


So it’s official. I’m finally blogging after all the years of planning. To think that it would be this simple to start a simple blog about going natural and organic and all I had to do was a little research to find the best blogging website and actually start writing.

I honestly thought this would be much more difficult than what it really is. I guess at the time I was lacking the inspiration and creativity needed to proceed with this. My daughter is the true reason to why I finally made the push to start this.

Before her I had the idea but lacked the motivation. I had gone through it in my mind step by step and never came around to actually doing it. It’s funny how you plan and plan and life just takes its own course and leaves your map to success waiting at the starting line. If you don’t start now then you never will. There is never a good time to begin, but there is always now.

For my daughter. For you are as delicate and as beautiful as your name, Iris. You're my inspiration each and every day my love.

For my daughter. For you are as delicate and as beautiful as your name, Iris. You’re my inspiration each and every day my love.